on top of keeping up with this blog and my RIT one, i read.

a lot.
i follow more blogs than perhaps a person should on a regular basis.
basically google reader is the best thing ever invented because it gives me the up to date notice of someone posting. fantastic huh? so just when i thought i was finished procrastinating..*ding* new post. what a great way to avoid actually doing anything other than reading about what other people do in their lives.
one bad good thing about blogs is that they do a lot of linking to sites or video of things that you would have otherwise never seen.
the blogs i follow range from more corporate things such as

Puck Daddy: an NHL blog which is comprised of multiple authors all talking about, you guessed it.. hockey!
to design oriented sites like

Design Milk
The Design Blog
or more personal blogs that I’ve found based off of links seen on design*sponge or other websites…
Young House Love (found through Design*Sponge i believe)
1000 Awesome Things (check this one out, they post once a day about something that is super awesome that most people can relate to but don’t really think about.) such as: #501 Picking the fastest moving line at the grocery store checkout or #511 The moment on vacation when you forget what day of the week it is
Bower Power
Dump ‘n’ Chase
or even RIT related ones =)
Tiger Beat Blog
you just never know when you’re going to find priceless videos such as this one..

tugboat prints

June 9, 2010

design of the day is handmade woodblock prints.
there is a lot of carving involved here guys. bucketloads. but the end result? awesome.

[Tugboat Printshop]

or you can check out their blog [here]

isn’t it awesome that the image above was made from the two below (plus two more). seriously cool stuff.
i love the detailing and the colors and the process.
maybe i should take a print making class.

hello detail, let’s be best friends.

i love this little black and white house and the crisp lines and of course.. the details.
oooh design.

take it easy

June 8, 2010

I follow a lot of blogs. A LOT.

so, in reading one of them recently, i ran across a post about Brainstorm Print and Design a company that specializes in silk screen design and printing.

their designs are fantastic. seriously go check it out.


June 7, 2010

Futura carved on the beach

so let’s imagine this for a second…

you wake up bright an early in the morning, proceed to get ready and just as you walk through the living room something under the door catches your eye.

thought it was odd because a) not many people are left in riverknoll, especially in my building. and b) not a lot of my friends know where i live…
so i took a closer look…

well now.
you have my attention.
i started trying to rack my brain, what time did i go to bed? did i hear anyone? well that’s silly, i had clearly gone to bed around 10 pm and that was not going to help. plus, i didn’t recognize the handwriting at all.
but i had a suspect. two rather.
of course, these pictures were reenactments because i’m pretty sure the only thing that was going through my brain at the time that i picked up the note and opened the door to leave for work is “man i really hope i don’t open the door to someone out here because i’d be toast” or something along those lines.
my first inclination was not to grab my camera and document the evidence. although, i do remember thinking that it would make for a good blog post.
so suspect has been properly located and all is well in the world.
that was until the next night when i was all settled in bed and something decided to go flying off of the wall. BOOM.
okay now, no longer interested in trying to sleep.
i got up searched the 3 items left i have in this apartment and was particularly puzzled because it’s not as though i have anything on the walls anyway and i have no roommates or neighbors to blame thing on.
needless to say, i acted like a 5 year old and slept with the kitchen light on, covers full covering me and my hands fully inside the boundaries of my bed. after all, if no appendages are hanging off.. the monsters can’t get me. clearly good logic.
not to worry. apparently a fridge magnet decided to come crashing down.
the thunderstorm two nights ago was just icing on the cake to excellent bedtime experiences.

the absence

June 5, 2010

i was thinking about blogging and good stories to tell lately and i can think of nothing. zip. zero. nada. nothing.

remember the bug catastrophe, hockey adventures or situations with certain individuals? haven’t had any problems in a month.

perhaps this is a good thing.

been spending a lot of times with friends lately. and myself. both are equally good. after last quarter/the whole school year, i just needed a little time to myself. these alone times work out perfectly for blog reading, movie watching and sleep! the only times they don’t work out so well is when it’s 2 am and thunderstorming with really big bolts of lightning. that’s when i’m glad i do not have neighbors anywhere around me, work out well when i want to play loud music to drown out the storm.

summer IV started up last night. i’m a little bummed that i’m not going to be around for more of the summer for that reason. but i have other places to be and things to do. last night a bunch of us went to emily’s house to hang out after IV and play games and such. went over to dena’s a few nights ago to make dinner and watch some baseball. it’s nice to be able to hang out and not worry about if i’m going to bed too late or whether or not i’ve finished my homework yet =)

i think i finally have my summer schedule in order…

May 28th-June 12th …. Rochester (working at admissions)
June 12th-June 18th …. Maryland!
June 19th-June 28th (?) … Wisconsin (visiting Grandma and Grandpa with Erika for a week then going to Kenosha for Anna and Tom’s wedding!)
June 29th (or whenever we come back, not sure the exact date)-July 19th… Maryland again
July 19th-August 8th …. Rochester (working at admissions again, College and Careers on the weekends)
August 9th-move in … Maryland

not really staying in any one place for any extended period of time. it’ll be good for staying busy. i have a whole list of things that i want to finish this summer too.

for now i’m having fun trying to use up the rest of the food around here. it’s going to make for some weird meals come wednesday or so. last night’s dinner was veggie tofu jumble. tastyyy.


June 4, 2010

summer is great.

for some reason during the school year when i’m forced to design, i struggle for concepts. however, in the past two weeks i’ve found endless sources of inspiration that make me just want to… design. a lot.

how cool are these? love the color palettes.

that’s the kind of poster i’d like to see hanging on a wall.

frets identity