A Weekend of Celebration

May 13, 2008

This past weekend was spent in Hawthorne, NJ for a combined celebration of my aunt barb’s birthday, my aunt and uncle’s anniversary and, of course, mother’s day.

We drove up Friday night (a record for the longest time it has taken to get up there: a whopping 6 hours). Stopped in Delaware for dinner at a local pizza place. Saturday morning we woke up and began preparations for the party that night (because what is party without lots of food and christmas lights??) . Saturday night some of my Aunt’s friends from work came (along with our two families) and we had some pretty tasty food! I don’t even think I can remember it all: stuffed mushrooms, asparagus, shrimp, eggplant dip, and pasta from a restaurant called Rocca’s. Not to mention the dessert– chocolate cake, tortoni (italian cupcake looking deliciousness) and frushi (like sushi but with fruit and for dessert!). Let’s just say there was no shortage of good food. Anyway, Sunday we woke up, hung around in the yard and ate some rhubarb crumbcake (mmmm!). Then we got the idea to go look at some new model houses that were a few minutes away, turns out they weren’t open but that didn’t stop us from looking in the windows! Eric, Sarah and I decided that we would each buy one of the houses and live next door to each other (ignoring the fact that we couldn’t even cough up a million dollars total). They were nice to look at anyway. On the ride home from NJ Sarah has informed me that she has planned out my life and she would not enjoy living next to me because she thinks I’m going to end up with a zoo of children and then make her babysit (haha). Turns out she has not only thought of this but also come up with names for all of my children (i don’t remember any of the names but I was hoping she was joking because they were a tad out there 😉 ) I decided I probably won’t be taking her up on her obnoxious name advice in the future but I guess it gave her something to do in the car.


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