Princess Uno

May 14, 2008

Question: What are our parent’s tax dollars going to?

Answer: Teaching us how to play princess uno!

Yeah, okay so maybe that was not their intention when they first created the public school system but it’s kind of what it’s turning out to be.

Alison slept over last night (yes, it was a school night. no, i did not have any homework). We watched Once (kind of an irish musical i guess?) and gilmore girls and, of course, played Princess Uno! And when we were sitting in stats today with nothing to do– why not play it again?? Alison claims i’m a failure of an uno player but I promise I’m getting better! I think sometimes I just mix up uno and go-fish… whoops. The rest of the day consisted of a whole lot of nothing; today was the last “official day” of school since we begin finals tomorrow. Painted the senior sign (a board that goes up in the cafeteria every year for the seniors..) during 5th and 6th. Ate ice cream afterschool at the final NHS meeting. I’m currently at Sarah’s volleyball practice being pelted with volleyballs, I guess I should start paying attention so I don’t get clonked in the head.


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