June 9, 2008

5 Ways to Keep Cool
1. Stay inside (with ac)
2. Drink lemonade
3. Lie under a fan.
4. Put ice down your shirt.
5. Go swimming!

The past week has been ridiculously hot, not only here but everywhere along the east coast. Including Rochester! Poor people, they’re used to 70 degree weather. Needless to say, I have been keeping to the indoors. The heat has brought really BIG thunderstorms which has knocked out the power lately (luckily ours has only gone out for about 30 minutes at the most, in some areas they haven’t had it for up to 4 days! 😦 ) It’s the kind of heat where you can stand there for less than 5 minutes– doing absolutely NOTHING– and start sweating. It’s gross and disgusting. I much prefer air conditioning and the thought of nice cold rochester weather is getting me through it.

This morning Megan, Alison and I got the bright idea to go swim in Alison’s pool. It felt SO good. We must have been out there for almost 3 hours. Not to worry, I was covered in about 14 layers of sunscreen! No sunburn!!


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