Down Came the Rain and Washed Emily and Alison Out

July 24, 2008

Last night definitely required some rainboots.

Unfortunately– for my safety– no pictures were taken of this event.
Alison works until 8pm some nights so the two of us and Hunter decided to go over to Chipotle for dinner. The weather forecast had been calling for “flash flooding,” a “tornado watch” and thunderstorms all day and there hadn’t even been a drop of rain so we just went anyway. Hmm, note to self: next time listen to the forecast 🙂 The drive over was when the thunder started but it was really far away so I didn’t really think much of it. Got there, ate some tasty burritos and then.. down came the rain. It looked like hurricane type of rain just sheets of it and everything got really windy. Upon seeing this our original plan was to run out really quickly (while avoiding lightening) to get to our cars. Yeah, not such a good plan. We made it out the door and the rain was whipping around so fast we all just turned around and ran back inside. I think something like 15 minutes passed by and the rain and lightening weren’t slowing down at all so Hunter just ran out and got Alison’s car and then drove me to mine (thanks hunter 🙂 Rest of the drive home was midly intense but got better the closer I got to Clarksville. I just had to pretend that someone was taking my picture hundreds of times or something and try to ignore all of the lightening. I really wish I had gotten a picture of a lightening bolt but that would have just been plain stupid (see mom, i DO use my brain while driving!)

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