Freckled Lemonade

August 7, 2008

Had a doctors appointment yesterday morning to have another mole removed. This will be number four. For the past 3 procedures I’ve asked to watch the entire thing because for some reason I got a kick out of someone shoving a needle in my head or leg.. except this time even the thought of the needle grossed me out so I didn’t watch. I do however have 3 lovely stitches in my stomach.  Aside from the feeling like someone was repeatedly stabbing me in the stomach with a knife, everything is just fine. I think I may have had a minor allergic reaction to the bandaid as well. Go figure. 

Went out to Red Robin last night for dinner with Alison and Megan. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I have no pictures of that. We did have some tasty drinks.. no milkshakes this time (had to save something for next week 😉 Alison’s getting her wisdom teeth out this morning so we decided that we’d have a “last supper” before she’s confined to mushy foods. Did some painting this morning. My mom finished the ceiling and trim the past two days so today’s project is actually putting paint on the walls. I’m leaving mid-afternoon to go visit Alison and bring her a smoothie and heating pad. I believe I have night duty to make sure she takes her pain meds every four hours and put ice on her face or otherwise we’d be dealing with a very grumpy Alison 🙂  (I think for Alison’s sake I’ll refrain from taking pictures of her in her chipmunk-like state)


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