Adventures with the Chipmunk

August 11, 2008

Yeah, yeah.. so i’ve been horrible at updating my blog recently.

Helped my mom paint some in the morning and then went over to Alison’s to bring her a smoothie around 2 after she got her wisdom teeth out. She was a bit groggy but unfortunately the meds didn’t knock her out (note: i didn’t want her to get knocked out.. it’s just more comfortable when your mouth is swollen and giant :P) so we watched a bunch of gilmore girls episodes. I got pretty good at cutting and folding gauze and running up and down for more ice. Came home around 6 to have dinner with my family and then went back to Alison’s around 8. Laid around and such. Watched a few more gilmore girls. I fell asleep from about 1 until 2 am and then we both woke up, Alison in pain, me just because. We both ended up not falling back asleep until 6:30 am. Yeah, that was cool. Woke back up around 7 and then 7:30 and then 8 and then I didn’t fall asleep until 9. So i’m pretty sure I slept a total of 3 hours.. perhaps less. But it’s alright, I didn’t mind šŸ™‚
Stayed at Alison’s all day again, I honestly don’t remember what we did. I’m assuming there was more gauze and ice involved. Went home for dinner and then came back around 8. Emily was visiting Alison already and then Megan and Sam showed up so it was almost a party šŸ˜› Ended up watching the Olympics until everyone feel asleep. Slept over again… despite the 3 hours of sleep from the night before I managed to stay awake until 2am, impressive?! I think the pain killers were helping a bit more that night so we both got a little more sleep.
Woke up and Alison and I made carrot cake (our favorite thing to make as of late). Watched some gilmore girls and hung around until my parents got there. Our two families have been planning forever to watch Gone With the Wind (our parents say it’s a must before we head off for college). So with Alison’s chipmunk teeth it seemed like a perfect opportunity. Of course, food is a must. We had dinner before the movie… hamburgers (veggie burgers for those so inclined), corn pudding!!!, watermelon, mac&cheese, grilled corn and tomatoes. It was quite tasty. The movie actually was a lot better/shorter than expected. Not my favorite movie of all times, but you know it had to be alright if I managed to stay awake for 4 hours.
College shopping! There have been various shopping trips throughout the summer to get supplies for next year. Yesterday our whole family went out with one thing in mind: a cubby system. Okay, well my dad was the only one super excited about it. I do have to admit it’s pretty neat though. We went to Target, Best Buy, Staples and Bed Bath & Beyond and managed to get a variety of clear plastic boxes for maximum storage. Alison came over around 6 and slept over.
Packing: Day One.
My room is a complete and udder disaster. So bad, in fact, that it resembles the aftermath of a tornado. But, not to worry it is a completely organized disaster. I think that it might be a fire hazard though since you kind of have to wind your way out to the door. I’ve managed to pack all of my clothes minus a few things that I’m still wearing. Still have some winter coats to pack too and some sheets to wash. What do I intend to wear until move in, you might ask? Answer: Sarah’s clothes! But shhh, she doesn’t know yet. It’s so hard to believe that I only have 11 days left. I still don’t feel like i’m actually going anywhere, yeah, yeah I know I’m in for a big shock.

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