Happy Birthday, Boo!

August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Boo! Sorry I couldn’t be home to help celebrate with you 😦 But I trust that Alison took care of that. Love You ❤ 
Okay, so living at college is quite a bit different than at home. For one, I used to have my own trashcan. Not that I mind sharing or anything but within the past 10 minutes two people have walked by and thrown garbage in the can holding open our door. Thanks guys…

Anyway, Today was day one of orientation week. I’m exhausted already! Had to get up at 7 this morning to shower and get downstairs before the “tiger walk” Of course, we were given a false time because we actually didn’t have to be down until 8:50. Oh well, only 2 hours of sleep lost. I guess I was already up at 6 anyway. Went to the Tiger Walk at 9 which is basically when all of the faculty line the road in front of the gordon field house and we all walk down it while they clap for us. Had convocation and other stuffs this morning. Said goodbye to my parents this afternoon and headed off to a REALLY BORING meeting. I feel like my day was filled with really boring, unhelpful meetings. Again.. oh well. Hung around the dorm with Phoenix, Emily and Ashley before we headed off to dinner. We decided to bend the rules a bit and take out gracie’s so we could fit our dinner group of 16 outside since gracie’s was so packed. It was actually pretty chilly out, we were all in pants and freezing. After dinner and an OA meeting we hung out with people on our floor– and learned some sign language! And then a group of us all went down to Clark Gym for a hypnotist. It was a pretty good show, although I was so tired I nearly fell asleep. 
It’s now 12:34 and I have to get up for another OA meeting at 7:15. They have not really left a whole lot of time for sleeping this week. 

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