"You’re a HEART major?"

August 27, 2008

Woke up at 7:30 this morning for yet another OA meeting. Basically spent all day in the school of design learning where everything was and such. Had a discussion group on a book we all read over the summer which was really not as bad as a feared. It kind of got me in the mood to start classes. I got to meet my academic advisor and ask questions about classes.  Hung around with a bunch of people on my floor this afternoon. Took a nap (finally! i’m so exhausted from this week and it’s only Wednesday morning…). Went to dinner at Gracie’s with some more people from my floor. Had a floor meeting in the tunnels which basically consisted of them telling us to be careful and respect our roommate. Ashley and I were originally planning on heading over to this sign language class at 10 but then we ended up meeting up with some other people and going to the concert at the Gordon Field house. Except, that was a mistake. I REALLY wish I had had my camera at that particular moment because there were about 20 people at the concert in this huge place. It was kind of sad and pathetic so we left after 5 minutes. The two of us went up and visited some friends on the floor above us and decided to watch a movie. We saw 300, which is not exactly a chick flick.. not that I was expecting that but still, it was kind of gross. Hung around for a while up there and talked. These guys are in a quad and have an amazing sound system/tv thing so it’s fun to go up there and watch stuff. Now it’s a little past 2 am and I have to wake up at 7 so I should probably go to bed soon. 

Oh yeah, so funny story. Tonight I was really tired and we were talking to one of the guys we were hanging out with & talking about majors. When I said I was an art major he thought I said HEART major and was like “wow you’re going to be up really late you’re going to have to get used to getting paged at 4 in the morning and carrying a beeper around with you all of the time ” haha at least I thought it was funny maybe that’s just because it’s so late and i’m delirious 🙂 

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