Humans vs Zombies

September 16, 2008

Today marks the start of a campus wide game called Humans vs Zombies. Over 480 people are participating (not me…). Basically it includes people tying orange bandanas around their arms and then running around tagging people, throwing balled up socks, hitting people with nerf guns. It certainly makes the walk to class interesting… especially because inside is out of bounds so if you happen to be standing in a doorway, you will be steam-rollered by people trying to make it to safety. For more information.. Click here!

Anyway, it is going on 4am in the morning and i’m still plodding away at homework. This is my 5 minute break to make sure my hands cramp up and fall off. 
Had a floor “party” today to celebrate all august/september birthdays. It consisted of our entire floor (or most of it) piling into the lounge, eating brownies/chips and playing games. Silliness occurred. 
Aside from a 45 minute break for the floor thing as well as 30 minutes for dinner, I’ve been working on homework since 5 pm. Lovely. All I have to do is make it through Thursday at 9 pm and then I can sleep (guess what genius already finished their homework for Friday but not tomorrow…) Oh well. Luckily I do not have class until noon so I can work until 5 am or so and then get a good 3 hours of sleep until it’s time to wake up to draw some more and write a paper! Woohoo, gotta love college life. 


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