Let’s Kill the Misconception

September 25, 2008

I can’t even count the number of conversations I’ve had within the past week that go something like this…

other person: so you’re an art major, huh?
me: yep.
other person: awesome! so you don’t have any homework and have like 3 classes and can hang out all of the time! that must be really cool. 
me: *stares blankly* actually I drew tinfoil for 30 hours last weekend and then got my piece ripped to shreds and did it again! oh yeah… and I have 7 classes.  how many do you have?
other person: four…. 
I mean, whatever, people can believe what they want. After talking to a bunch of art kids yesterday we’ve all been dealing with the same conversation. Definitely not saying art is easier than engineering because I have NO clue about any of that stuff but it’s frustrating to be seen as being in a “slacker” major when it’s really not at all. At least I don’t think it is.. 
Time to go draw more tinfoil! 

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