Busy Beaver

September 28, 2008

It’s been one full weekend.. and it’s only 8:00pm on Saturday. Friday night after classes Ashley and I went over to Gracie’s and picked up waffles for Wonderful Waffle Wednesday! We came back and watched two episodes of the OC until Ashley fell asleep and I had to throw a cow at her. Worked on some homework in the lounge. I didn’t want to paint in our room because it gets too messy. I’m working on this project for 2d design. We had to come up with a recognizable object and then make a pattern with it.. I chose pretzels because they’re yummy. I think it turned out pretty neat? It looks a little funny on the computer.

After a few hours of homework we watched the last two episodes of the OC! We finished season one, yay! That took forever, there was never enough free time to fit a whole episode in. Went to bed around 3 after talking for a while. This morning I set my alarm for 10 am although i guess I kept pushing snooze because next thing I knew it was noon and my phone was ringing. Turns out it was Nicole.. she’s from Columbia too and her family was up here for the RIT Open House. She’s looking at the school for graphic design too so I said I’d meet up with her and show her around. Kicked Ashley out of bed and we got ready in 10 minutes or less and made it over to Gracie’s to meet up with them. After lunch we came back here and I worked on some more homework until Nicole was done with her portfolio review and then I could show her around the dorm rooms and such. Went to dinner with Ashley at 5 and then Drake came in here and bugged us so much that we told him we’d hang out.. just kidding, we wanted to 🙂 Walked over to Park Point for an outdoor concert they have going on. It was pretty decent, the music wasn’t that good but it’s really nice outside so it didn’t much matter. All of the restaurants are finally open so people were giving out lots of free stuff, yay again! Met up with some of Drake’s friends from elementary school back in St. Louis and hung around. Walked back and now we’re waiting until 9 for Drake to come back and come to a comedy show at Ingle Auditorium with us. Tomorrow is homework, homework, homework. I have 240 gesture drawings to finish by Tuesday as well as another project for 3d and a paper for writing. Tomorrow night there is an ice cream social in the Sol activity room, wherever that is. It’s one busyyy weekend!


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