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October 5, 2008

Busy, busy, busy. That pretty much sums up my life lately. I’m finally not sick anymore! Yay. We just made it through week 5 which means there are only 4 weeks left until finals… what a weird thought?! I’m currently working on a giant 30 by 40 inch self-portrait of my face, writing a paper on the democratic plan for the environment, working on a 2d project, making apples out of everyday objects for 3d and trying to have a life in there somewhere. 

No really, I’ve been pretty good about setting aside certain time for homework and then making sure that i’m getting out too. It definitely helps that my floor is awesome so I can just walk right outside my room and find a ton of people to hang out with. Funny thing is that the other night when Ash and I were hanging out with a bunch of people we looked around and realized they were all deaf. It never occurred to me that the majority of my friends now are hard of hearing or completely deaf. I think it’s kind of awesome, really. I’ve been picking up a lot more sign and I can actually hold an entire conversation without really awkward pauses. My finger spelling is still pretty slow but eh, that’ll improve with time. 

greg and ash

drake dancing like always

he wanted me to teach him to draw so i said “here draw tigger” 
then he got frustrated so i just drew tigger… 

i got bored and drew on a bunch of people’s whiteboards

Wednesday Drake, Ashley and I went to the girls volleyball game. Thursday after classes I met up with Ashley, Drake, Andrew and a couple of other people to see 21 at Ingle Aud. RIT has this thing Friday night after classes, I went to dinner with Ash and Drake (at Gracie’s of course…). We came back to the dorms and ended up running around our floor until nearly 4 am. We did make an attempt to go out to Ritchie’s, a free game room in the tunnels but the couches smelled really bad so we just came back here. Saturday morning we woke up around noon and then went out shopping. Ashley needed some ink for her printers and a couple of other things and I needed to pick up some board from Home Depot and some rag paper and more charcoal for my art project. It’s super nice and super convenient that I have a roommate with a car 🙂 Today looks like it’s going to be very homework filled. I can’t remember if there is anything else that needed to get done today. The huge, creepy drawing of my face needs to get done as well as the paper for writing. Since my parents are coming next weekend (well, thursday..) I’m trying to get as much done now as I can. 

We’re going to be signing up for classes for winter quarter here in a few weeks (Oct 22nd). I met with my academic advisor the other day to go over which classes i’m going to be taking…  
8-10:50am ASL 1
2:00-4:50am 2d Design
9:00-11:50am 3d design
12:00-1:00pm FYE
2:00-4:50pm drawing
8:00-10:00am ASL 1
2:00-4:50pm 2d Design
6:00-7:50pm Design Survey
9:00-11:50am 3d Design
2:00-4:50pm drawing
10:00-11:50am Vector Imaging 
So it’ll be about the same course load as this quarter except slightly more challenging. We’ll see how that goes, I’m taking the maximum number of credits they allow you to take without getting special permission. I’ve decided to “minor” or “concentrate” in american sign language. I’m still going to pick another thing to minor in but I’ll probably wait to declare that until sophomore year. 
Maybe i’ll see if I can get Ash out of bed now so we can go get some brunch 🙂 

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