October 8, 2008

Oh man, you know when this list goes out it’s getting close to Thanksgiving time! Yummm. Who knew you could have SO many different kinds of pie?!

Banana Cream
Blackberry Cream Cheese
Blueberry Cream Cheese
Blueberry Crunch
Chocolate Cream
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mousse
Coconut Meringue
Coconut Pineapple Dream
Cranberry Apple
Dutch Apple
Fresh Strawberry
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Fresh Raspberry
Lemon Meringue
Lingonberry Apple
Peach Praline
Pecan Cream Cheese
Pecan Fudge
Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Sour Cream Apple Blueberry
Sour Cream Blackberry
Sour Cream Lingonberry
Sour Cream Raisin
Sour Cream Raspberry
Strawberry Rhubarb

You see, each year during Thanksgiving week, my Aunt Barb and Uncle Mark so generously wake up at some insanely early hour in the morning and drive far away to pick up hundreds of pies… well, not hundreds, but it’s A LOT. Pies are so tasty. Mmmm.

I thought I would just take a moment and write about my favorite holiday ever. Usually Thanksgiving is a spectacularly wonderful week of hanging out with family however this year will be ten times better because I WILL HAVE NO HOMEWORK! RIT conveniently schedules finals week right before we go home for break which means I will have no obligations other than hanging out with family, swimming and, of course, eating lots of pie and Grandma’s yummy rolls (which i hope she is bringing?!). Oh man mashed potatoes… Guys, we need some of those too please. Gracie’s mashed potatoes are just disgusting!

Speaking of family.. mine is coming tomorrow! Yay! This weekend is Brick City Homecoming so there are lots of activities and such around campus for families. It’ll be nice to see them since it’s been foreverrrr.


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