Brick City Homecoming

October 12, 2008

This weekend was Brick City Homecoming, RIT’s fall event when a lot of parents, families and alumni come to visit for the first time. My parents came up on Thursday afternoon; it was really nice to see them after being away from home for so long. Fortunately, amidst all of our rainy-rochester weather, it was an unusually beautiful weekend. 
Thursday afternoon my class was cancelled so I met up with my mom, dad and Sarah for dinner before my 6pm class. Had an ice cream party at 9pm, Ash and I have been saving up ice cream from gracie’s over the past week or so 🙂 Andrew and Drake stopped by too as well as a couple people from down the hall.
Friday morning I had class from 12 until 4. After class my parents took me out shopping to get some art supplies and more winter clothes– thanks guys! Also stopped at Wegmans, of course, for some food items. Drove into downtown Rochester afterwards to get some dinner from a cool pizza place. Sarah stayed in the dorms with me all weekend and thanks to some idiots on the 9th floor.. I was able to give her the full college experience. Around 2 am Friday night/Saturday morning the fire alarm went off… there ended up being an actual fire on the 9th floor (with smoke coming out the window and everything..) so we were outside until nearly 3 am… Sarah only had boxers and a sweatshirt on..  Welcome to RIT 🙂

Saturday morning we woke up and Sarah, Ash and I went and got smoothies and muffins from Beanz, a coffeeshop on campus. Met up with my parents before heading off to see Bill Nye the Science guy. After Bill, we went to see a concert on campus with a bunch of a cappella groups.. yay eight beat measure! 

This morning we woke up and went to breakfast with my parents at “Jay’s Diner” before they headed back down the road to maryland. It was a pretty awesome weekend, however, now I have an overwhelming load of homework to do before Ashley and I go to a concert tonight. 


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