Every Second Counts

October 16, 2008

Goodness gracious, time goes by quickly. 

The title of this post was inspired by the Plain White T’s 2006 album called… well… “Every Second Counts” I’ve been listening this CD on repeat pretty much all week. 
I look once and it’s Sunday night then the next thing I know, it’s almost Friday! I guess that is a mix of good and bad. School is good, i’m actually enjoying my classes for the most part. I am kind of ready for a break though. I’d like to just have a minute to breathe and fortunately Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We are currently in the midst of week seven which means that we only have 3 weeks left until finals week. Art majors are faced with the burden of 7 classes a quarter with 3 of those being studio classes.. however, we seem to be pretty lucky come finals week. Yay for only having 2 finals! It would be nice if they were on say.. Monday instead of thursday, just because then I could go home earlier and not have to wait around for a week but hey, no complaints here. 
I should probably quit wasting my time before dinner and go work on some homework. I’m meeting Ashley and Drake for dinner, working on some homework, going to volleyball practice and then going out to see a movie with Ash, Drake and some other fun kids. 
As long as I’m procrastinating on my homework… I’d like to thank people for actually putting up with my nonsense and coming to read my blog! It’s kind of awesome to look at the map and see where everyone is coming from. 


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