Apples, Peppers and… Raw Fish Heads?

October 25, 2008

Went to the Public Market today with Ashley. It’s about a 20 minute drive from campus in the heart –aka, sketchy part– of downtown Rochester. Aside from the pouring rain and lack of parking spots it was pretty awesome and we definitely plan on going back. Everything there is ridiculously cheap yet really good looking… aside from the fish heads. They have it set up under two huge covered buildings and vendors line up with their food, clothing, etc. If I had more cash on me, I probably would have gotten more. I did get a whole basket of apples (about 10 of them) for 2 dollars, can’t find that in a grocery store huh?? (Sorry Mom if I made you jealous =) ) Also got another winter hat for 5 bucks… it’s super cute and I’d post a picture but i’m too lazy, maybe later! From the market we went to the marketplace mall which is about 5 minutes from campus. Ashley needed boots, jeans and some other stuff and I needed some stuff for my 3d design project. We also met up with Greg and John to look at halloween costumes but then decided we’re not even going to be going to any parties on halloween so there’s no point.

Just got back from dinner with Drake, Greg, John and Ash.. they’re headed off to some haunted house later tonight (while I work on my stupid research paper) and then I think we’re all meeting up to go to a comedian around 11. Tomorrow’s forcast is: homework. Speaking of forecast… look at the next week. Yuck.


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