Halloween Weekend Shenanigans

November 2, 2008

I think it would be best to sum up this weekend mostly in pictures.. These are the shenanigans that went down this weekend. I didn’t end up dressing up because I didn’t feel like going to a party. Ended up staying here and playing hangman, uno, mash and watch scary movie 4 with Andrew.. haha yeah, I know, we’re lame college kids =) I did get to help everyone with their costumes and, of course, take tons of pictures.

Today was a giant black hole of homework, I still have tons for tomorrow. I was hoping to get some done last night but there was too much other nonsense going on. Went to Acappellaween with Ashley tonight, it’s an acappella concert on campus which was pretty awesome. Got to see Eight Beat Measure again. After that we came back and went to Sol’s to get some dinner. There was some “Adult Circus” in Ingle starting at 11 so Drake, Ash, Johnny, Karissa, Noah and I went to that. It was actually really worth going, despite the cold walk there, the show was great. It’s two guys from NYC and they do magic, juggling and mind reading. We even got there autographs afterwards. CAB (college activities board) puts on these events which only cost a dollar and theyre pretty small scale so we’re able to just walk onstage afterwards and meet with the people. Came back here and watched Prom Night (some scary movie one of the guys wanted to watch).

Well, without the time change it would be 3:04 in the morning… so I should probably go to bed.

One week of classes to go!


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