It’s a Wrap!

November 19, 2008

I’m home! I guess i’ve been a bit sidetracked because I’ve actually been home since last Friday morning! 

While most other people were sleeping,  I got a taxi to the airport around 4:30 am. Small airports are amazing. I made it through security in 10 minutes or less. In fact, we had so much extra time that Drake and I were able to watch an entire episode of Stella and STILL had a good hour and a half to wait. Made it home by 8:30 ish– before Drake’s plane had even left Rochester =)

Alison came over after her class at 11, it was really good to finally see her after THREE months! Went to Chipotle for dinner… mmmm, boy did I miss that stuff. Since Friday it’s just been a lot of relaxing and hanging out! It’s so weird to go from working all of the time to doing absolutely nothing. My mom has been making me deliciously tasty food — mashed potatoes, pasta, broccoli! Mmmm.  It’s nice not having to eat in a dining all all of the time. Sunday morning we went to church at 9 and then went out to brunch at Eggspectation with Alison and her family.  After breakfast I went over to Alison’s house to help her clean her room and see Gali!

Monday afternoon I went over to River Hill to see Mr. Molfino and some other old teachers. It’s so weird going back, I kind of felt like I was still in high school. Yesterday afternoon Sarah had volleyball tryouts for MDJRS down in college park so I rode along to go see Corey and Jenni! Helped with volleyball check in and then met up with Corey so I could see their dorm room and catch up. Walked down to rt 1 after Jenni was out of class and met her at Chipotle! It was really good to see them although it was really weird to be on a college campus that I didn’t recognize! It’s too bad there aren’t more chances to see each other.. three months is a long time. Alison slept over again last night– I believe that she’s slept over every night except one since I’ve been home! 


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