Benjamin Button

December 27, 2008

It’s been a rather relaxing week– of course, that IS the point of breaks.

Christmas was on Thursday. I’m not really sure that we made it outside the house that day. Ate lots of delicious food, opened presents, hung around. All the makings of a good day.

Friday we went to the mall for some shopping (clothes from urban outfitters!) and then we all went out to see a movie (the Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Overall we decided that we really enjoyed the movie, however, it was a tad long. But definitely worth seeing if you haven’t already. Friday night we ate dinner and then I got a text from Eric saying he was on his way home! He had a 14 hour plane ride back from South Korea where he and some other ABT members were performing the Nutcracker with the Korean Ballet. Surprisingly enough, he’s still alive and kickin’ despite the enormous amount of jetlag that plagues most travelers.

Today we took a walk through the back alleys of northern NJ to the bank (just kidding about the alleys..), ate some more good food, played balderdash and now we’re all getting ready to go out to dinner!

This video is just something I found on my random intraweb searchings.. thought it was interesting.


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