Pancakes, Friends and Homework

January 2, 2009

Okay, another week please? 

Just kidding. Sure, it’d be nice to have another entire week full of fun and frivolity but like all good things, there is an end. I think a two week break is a perfect amount of time, it’s enough time to disengage from busy life and relax. Of course, RIT has the added bonus of being in the middle of a quarter so yep, you guessed it… homework! How enjoyable. I guess it could be worse. I could have exams the week after break (like Harvard) or have a 10 page paper due (if i wasn’t an art major). But, I’m not at Harvard and I’m an art major so, I draw! And draw and draw and draw and glue. 
These past two days have been friend-packed… if there is such a term. Thursday night I went over to Corey’s house with Jenni and we watched some movies and had “girl time”– something not found often on RIT’s 70-30 guy to girl ratio campus. Had pancakes for breakfast made by mom… yummm! And sausage made by dad.. but I’ll let Sarah tell you how that was 🙂 After breakfast went over to Liz’s house to hang out. Came back to do some homework– okay, so I did watch an episode of the OC before doing so. And in a little while Alison is coming over to hang out and do some puzzles. 
Tomorrow is the last full day of winter break which means Sunday I make the trek from 40 degree Clarksville to snowy Rochester. As noted by my mom has gotten a record snowfall this December.. 46 inches. Luckily most of that has fallen since I’ve been home so I’m not sick of snow yet. But ask me again in March and we’ll see if that changes. 
I guess that perhaps I should stop avoiding the inevitable and get back to work. 

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