Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

January 7, 2009

We won!

First volleyball game of the season was tonight. I convinced Ashley to go with me now that she’s in her “going to say yes to everything” mood. Got there 15 minutes early and we were really afraid that it was going to be the two of us against a team of 8 guys! Good thing some other people decided to show up. It’s by no means high class volleyball, we won’t be knocking Penn State out of their position any day soon but it’s still fun.

It’s currently snowing outside and the snow appears to want to continue until Sunday according to weather dot com. Hopefully we well get some good snowman building snow, that would be lovely.

I got to paint today! Fingerpainting, actually! We’re working on one project in drawing right now that requires ridiculous amounts of concentration and the next project is really really loose so my professor gave us paint and told us to use pencils and paint to draw the skeleton. I’m actually rather happy with how my turned out, not really so much how it looks but it was super fun to make and it’s surprising what you can convey even when everything is messy. I’ll post a picture sometime later, it’s currently drying in my locker and I didn’t want the snow to mess it up.

My eight am class tomorrow was cancelled about two minutes ago due to snow (already… yeah, i know..) but that’s okay because now I get to sit here and “be in class” on my computer. Too bad we have a quiz tomorrow on unknown topics. 3d goes from 9 until noon, meeting Ashley for a quick lunch, meeting at work from 1-2, class from 2-5 then DRAWING until the end of time! It’s actually not that bad, i’m having fun drawing it now. I’m also working on this giant coloraid project for 2d. It’s an extension of something we’re doing in class and I liked it so much that I’m just working on something for the heck of it.


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