2 AM Firetrucks

January 17, 2009

So, after I posted last night I climbed into my toasty bed and fell asleep. An hour later (around 2 am) the entire room starts flashing with strobe lights and the fire alarm goes off. I’m on the top bunk and let’s just say when you’re woken abruptly in the middle of the night the first instinct is not to climb down the correct way. Basically, I just lept off the top. Of course, I happen to be sleeping in a tank top last night so I scrambled to find a coat and boots. I’m actually not entirely sure how we made it out the door because neither Ashley nor I were very awake and thinking correctly. But we walked downstairs and out into the lovely 2 degree Rochester weather. I guess I had enough smarts to grab a scarf on the way out so I was pretty toasty. We eventually got the idea to go in NRH and sit in the tunnels until the fire department had come and all that. To say the least, we were pretty annoyed because walking up and down 6 flights of stairs and outside wakes you up and makes it really hard to fall back asleep. Finally got let back in only to realize that the “fire” was on our floor and someone had burnt popcorn.. AGAIN. What the heck guys, stop eating popcorn at 2 am and for gosh sakes stand by the microwave and don’t let it burn. 

I think they should ban popcorn in dorms, it’s the only time our microwave ever catches on fire. 
I did get to sleep in until almost noon today so that was okay 🙂 

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