Ohhhh We’re Halfway There

January 17, 2009

I have, in fact, made my way out of the snow bank. It’s been rather snowy/icy/windy/cold here lately. Surprisingly yesterday when it hit a low of -7… I was really warm.

Anyway, sorry I keep posting about the weather. Today was excellent!! I love Fridays for so many reasons. Woke up late (yay #1). Sleeping in until 9 feels wonderful after a whole week of 6:50 alarms. Worked from 10 until 4pm with meetings at noon and three. Came back to meet Ashley for dinner– french toast at Gracie’s (yay # 2). Plus they had kiwi tonight which is my absolute favorite fruit– although, i’m finding that if i eat too much my mouth feels funny. I really hope I don’t develop some weird allergy to that, I think I’d cry. Walked over to Ritter Arena after dinner for the HOCKEY GAME. Seriously, we’ve been waiting all week for this. I never thought i’d become such a sports fanatic! We even sat right next to the band this time so we could cheer loudly! Some of the guys came with us which made it more fun because guys are always crazy cheerers for some reason. The game was spectacularly awesome.. really. Down by 1 point in the third period with 3 minutes 52 seconds left. Came back to tie it 3-3 a minute and a half later. Then scored again in the last 10 seconds of the 3rd period. Yay Tigers!! They’re currently on an eight-game winning streak. Hopefully that will be a nine-game winning streak after tomorrow night! 
Guess it’s bed time soon. After the hockey game we went to the ritz to see Open Mic night. A friend of mine was performing so that was pretty neat. Sleeping in tomorrow!! Brunch at the commons. Working on my 2d project and other random homework assignments in the studio. then HOCKEY GAME number two. We’re also going to some comedy show on Saturday night. Ice skating and brunch on Sunday with some friends.
I love weekends 🙂 
On a side note, I’m officially halfway done with freshman year as of today. How scary is that???? 

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