Painting, Drawing and the likes..

February 3, 2009

So, I thought I’d give a little view of what i’ve been working on lately… Some of the stuff is work in progress, some is finished, some is photographed horribly and others are just test prints. 

First, the two eye drawings go together, I actually finished this like 5 minutes ago. It’s for drawing, the second one is the final and it’s supposed to show wrath. There’s kind of an awkward shadow made by the flash on both, i apologize. The paint was mad fun to do but I kind of got a little on the carpet and a lot on me. Oops. 

This next is just an in class drawing, probably spent 50 minutes total on it. We were just experimenting with what would happen if we drew something, messed it up and then tried to fix it. By the way, all of these are 18 inches by 24 inches. 

Next is a 2d project done in color aid which is basically just itty bitty pieces of ccolored paper and you cut them up with an exacto knife and then glue them. We were supposed to turn one thing into another using a series of transitions so I changed a drop of water into a carrot. I have no idea why there are little pieces of white on the picture, you can’t see them in person. And i don’t know why this text is blue and underlined but it does not seem to want to change.

This is just another version of an in class drawing/painting. It’s semi-hard to tell what it is because i painted over the entire thing with white paint. 

I’m also working on a cardboard chair which will be done by Wednesday, pictures to come later. 


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