Be careful what you say.

February 12, 2009

Learned that one the hard way. Yesterday I updated my RIT blog with a post about the weather… it was almost shorts weather yesterday! Aside from the little bit of rain in the morning it was a super nice day. I wrote about how the weather this winter hadn’t actually seemed all that bad… and then today hit. I’m quite a fan of gravity because if it were not for that I probably would have landed somewhere in the middle of Kansas. It was so rainy, windy, and nasty out. By the time I got to work my pants looked like I had just taken them out of the washer soaking wet and put them on. It was so windy at times that I would just blow sideways instead of forward and to top it all off, it was sleeting directly into my face. Real nice. 
One more class tonight and then it’s the weekend! Dave brought over some pink flowers today so between those, Ashley’s pink light and sheets and all of the heart decorations our room is VERY valentines-y. There is a special “valentines” day dinner at Gracie’s complete with heart shaped ravioli…  I think Ashley and I are going to go check that out before class at 6. The guys are busy tonight so I think we’re just going to do a girls movie night 🙂 Working tomorrow from 10-4  and then it’s the REAL weekend! No hockey games though– we talked about driving up to Massachusetts tomorrow afternoon to see them play but it’s week 9 so it’s not really the best time… I don’t know what we’re going to do without our hockey fix! Saturday I think there is a group of us going to ihop for valentines day dinner. Working on Saturday too and working on projects– one more week until finals….

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