Tigers Win Again!

February 14, 2009

Although their 11 game winning streak was broken last Friday, the Tigers came back to win last Saturday and again last night! Unfortunately it was not a home game (they were playing in Massachusetts) so we couldn’t attend despite our attempts to mapquest and plan out a trip. Week ten is just not a good time… Anyway, after dinner last night Dave and Gage came back to our room and we sat around listening to the game on the radio (yeah, old school 😉 ). I have to say it’s not quite as exciting but we still did some of the cheers anyway. They ended up winning 6 0!!! How’s that for a good game? They scored two of the goals in the first minute and a half of the second period. 

In unrelated news, did you get a chance to read CNN, or really any other major news source yesterday? 


That kind of hit a little too close to home.. I know a few people whose parents or siblings were supposed to be on that flight yesterday and weren’t for whatever reason. Kind of scary to think about. It doesn’t really make me want to fly on a plane anytime soon… 

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