February 22, 2009

woke up this morning feeling kind of yucky and we had already decided that today’s goal was to do absolutely nothing! rolled out of bed around eleven, found saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of cereal and we were set. today was the first official day without any burden of classwork on our shoulders. last week was week ten and next week is finals so we didn’t even feel guilty doing nothing. i kind of dozed in and out of sleep throughout the morning. my head is feeling really congested and yucky but i’m hoping that it’s just allergies. 

went to gracies for dinner around 6 and then we went to a film festival. two of the guys who we’re actually going to be sharing an apartment with next year are really into rock climbing and outdoor extreme sports in general. a while ago they had mentioned in passing this film festival and apparently we agreed, so tonight we went. i didn’t really have any expectations, of course, i didn’t even really know what it was. turns out it was the annual banff mountain film festival. and it was really, really cool! it was roughly 3 hours long and consisted of 6 short films (15 ish minutes long) and one long film (55 minutes). it was everything from extreme mountain biking and base jumping to extreme skiing.
in hockey news, the tigers tied tonight in their game against Army (1-1) in sudden death overtime. which puts them two points above Air Force in the AHA standings and guarantees at least a second place win. they won 3-2 in a close game last night also against Army. next friday and saturday is RIT vs Air Force which should be an awesome game. 

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