life feels good

February 27, 2009

finals are officially over. 

and apparently i lead an exciting life? 
i got stopped in the elevator today by someone i only kind of know who said “i hope this doesn’t come off as creepy but i saw your pictures on facebook and it looks like you guys such cool stuff i’m really jealous i wish we could be friends” haha! 

yesterday ashley and i went on adventure to the end of nowhere. this week is pretty much do what you want, when you want so i woke up around 12:30(!), went to lunch and then we headed out to the car for our adventure. the stipulations of this “Grand Day Out” were that we were going to stop, turn or look at anything in our path that was cool and we would do everything without a map, gps, tracking device, sundial, compass, etc. we drove through downtown, stopped around at high falls, somehow ended up in charlotte, greece and ogden and the beach!! honestly, we don’t really know which roads we took but we made it back in one piece with no maps! we fully intend on going on the adventure again, except next time to pittsford and fairport. 

there are pictures below as well as 185 if you click the album below.

Rochester Adventures

tonight is greys anatomy, tomorrow is a hockey game, saturday is a hockey game then home on sunday! oh yeah, and we moved our room around again!! pictures to come later, for now i need to go get my laundry before someone steals it– there has been a run on machines today…. 


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