rain means worms

March 9, 2009

spring quarter is off to a ridiculously good start. of course, it is day one at 3:30 pm and i’ve only had 1 hour of class and 4 hours of work so far. but regardless. work was a good four hours of stuffing envelopes which –no joke– is my favorite thing to do there ever. met a new admissions ambassador who, as it turns out, is dating the starting goalie of the hockey team so i got to talk about hockey for two hours with someone who doesn’t think i’m insane! 

it’s good to be back and see everyone. the tunnels were full last night of people meeting up for the first time since break. got settled back in, did a load of laundry, got some dinner stuffs. our dorm room feels surprisingly bigger than usual which is odd because ashley and i were sleeping in the basement which is ginormous. i guess that is a good thing though.
despite the weather button on my dashboard saying that it’s 34 degrees, it feels really warm out and all i needed today was a fleece jacket. it is disgustingly smooshy outside though from all of the rain. 
just waiting for ashley to get out of class now so we can go buy books for this quarter. the only homework tonight is to read 2 chapters in the psych book! 

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