March 31, 2009

so i’ve had class today since 9 am, without breaks which is kind of lovely except not. luckily we got out of the last class early so now i have 10 minutes before I have to leave to go to work until 8 pm tonight!

got our philosophy tests back today.. i got an 109 out of 100 🙂 i’m pretty happy about that because first of all i hate taking tests and second of all it’s worth 25% of our final grade. 
had two critiques today in drawing and elements of gd. they went pretty well. i’m almost finished with my drawing which is a really, really good thing! got some more work to do on elements but at least i’m headed in the right direction. lots of homework and other nonsense to do tonight. it’s 47 degrees out right now!
sorry for the ADD post, only had a few minutes! 

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