more than useless

April 10, 2009

bet you didn’t know that today was the day the titanic left england, the great gatsby was first published and paul mccartney announced the break of the you do.

anyway, ashley and much of the rest of campus has gone home for the weekend so i’m left to entertain myself. this entertainment is going to come mostly in the form of homework. i am going to an intervarsity christian fellowship meeting tomorrow night though (well now, technically tonight) i’ve been talking to a guy who’s the lead guitarist for it. so that should be something fun to do tomorrow night. i think i’m going to end up going an hour and a half before it even starts to watch them practice. other than that, have three hours of class then 2 hours of work tomorrow. yippee its friday.

here’s some work. not sure how i feel about it. still have a bunch i havent put up yet. oh well.

30 by 40 inch drawing, we had to pick a master drawing and then draw it ourselves. the original piece is by MC escher

just some yucky color studies with fruit

window ledge in the drawing room, more color studies

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