stanley cup

April 17, 2009

i apologize for the lack of blogging. life is kind of busy.

i just sat through quite possibly the longest 4 hour class of my life. lots of projects assigned/due around now. imagine RIT festival is in two weekends, have to finish a project for that. ash and i are volunteering at the welcome table from 9:30 until 3 that day. got the orientation assistant position for next fall… yay! it means moving in two weeks before classes start to train for a week and then lead orientation stuffs. lots and lots and lots of hockey. i guess it’s really not helping my current sleep schedule. i was doing so well going to bed at midnight for six weeks but after last weekend i can’t seem to get in bed before 1:30. waking up at 6:30 this morning was not pleasant. NHL stanley cup playoffs are from now until forever which i am quite excited about. there are roughly two games shown a night on the channel we get so it’s basically hockey from 7 pm until 1 am or whenever it ends. pretty sweet. in more school related things, tomorrow i’m giving my first tour (to 50 ish people) for admissions. tomorrow night is IV sometime between 5:30 and 10. blues canucks game at 10 too, but that depends on if we decide to go hang out with people after IV. saturday is the juggle competition on campus as well as a comedian show at night plus the canadiens bruins game! monday is caps and rangers yayy, the caps game wasnt shown on channel 69 last night which was pretty upsetting but it’s okay. i do realize i keep switching back to talking about hockey, sorry about that. sunday going to the fathers house again anddd homework is filling up the rest of my “free” time for the weekend.


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