4 am wake ups

April 29, 2009

apparently 4 am is an appropriate time to wake up? 

class registration was this morning, went to bed around 12:30 which is the earliest this week!! set the alarm for 5:55 to get up in time to roll over and start the annoying registering process. of course, when given the first chance in a week to sleep 6 hours– my body decides that nope, 4 am is a good time to wake up. so there i laid for another hour and a half. and duh, of course i would do something like fall asleep about 20 minutes before the alarm is going to go off. oh well, woke up in time and managed to get into the system only 30 seconds after it opened!! got all of the classes i need for next quarter. except here comes the problem. i’m signed up for 9 credits. which is 10 less than i took this quarter and 3 less than full-time student status. OOPS. it’s really not my fault though, the system kicked me out and won’t let me sign up for anything else so i’m going to have to run around campus talking to various people begging them to let me in a class or two. i decided that i would avoid that today because my voice is not in the persuasion mood. 

there it is for now. i’m taking 1 online course (psych) which isn’t shown on the schedule and ice skating!!! i’m still trying to get into textiles (basically quilt making) haha oh art majors.. 
got out of class early this morning which meant i got out of work early which means that i just finished doing laundry!!! and i’m working on loads of homework before my 12 hours of classes tomorrow! ITS ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!!!

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