last day in rochester

May 22, 2009

it was another rather late night last night. ended up staying up until around 5 am. strangely enough, i woke up without an alarm around 8:30, took a shower, packed up a few things and then went upstairs to hang out. studied some for my last final (psychology), got lunch, watched the big bang theory (which by the way, is my new favorite tv show). dad came around 4:50 right as i was getting ready to head over to the final. i actually finished the test before it was supposed to even start. ive gotten in the habit of going to class at least 30 minutes before to look over stuff all quarter and so he let me take the exam early. went over to the ritz for dinner and then moved most of my stuff out to the car. wandered back upstairs and ended up going out to fridays with matt and ozzy for dinner except i didn’t eat dinner twice so i played peggle instead which is a pretty awesome game with quite possibly the best sound effects ever especially when hooked up to a car stereo. came back here, hung around and such and now i’m just finishing pulling the last few things together before maybe hopefully going to bed at a semi decent hour? but it’s already past 2 am so that’s not really looking very likely anymore. as long as i’m not sleeping, i made it to stage 5-3 (only matt & ozzy will understand that if they ever run across this…).

mmm yeah, so bye bye rochester see you in a month or so 🙂 

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