village center shenanigans

June 4, 2009

i’m sort of failing miserably at updating my blog. i think this tends to happen a lot when i get home because i’m so distracted and i figure that most everyone who reads it is here anyway. but then again alison and i were talking the other day about something that happened last year and neither one of us could remember what the heck had happened…so we read the blog 🙂 

we’ve been having pretty much a week long sleepover. most of my day consists of waking up, checking email, working on whatever design thing is currently needed, talking to people and then alison comes over, we hang out and the whole day is repeated. of course, there is other stuff thrown in so don’t worry i do manage to make it out of the house everyday between visiting river hill, picnics at centennial park, walking jimmy, going to the gym, going to work with my dad, etc. tomorrow we’re leaving after sarah gets out of school to drive up to new jersey to see eric dance! 
the other night sarah and i went to the village center to meet up with sarah and liz for a bit. shenanigans occurred. 

this was the most normal of the pictures
and this should pretty much sum up everything else that happened… 

awww.. cute… 

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