running fools

July 10, 2009

i love summer. i’m not sure if i’ve informed you all of that fact yet but it’s true. i think i’d be okay if it wanted to stay summer forever. 

usually i have that feeling that my internal organs are going to melt away when i step outside but the windows are wide open and it actually feels a little coolish. on top of that i get to wake up at 7 something every morning and go to the gym– this is a habit i started on last summer, gave up for the school year and started again july 1st. fortunately for me, my mom has been going for two years or more so she can drag my tired butt out of bed every morning. once i get there though it’s wonderful, in fact today i made it a record 5.86 (yeah, we’re getting technical) miles on the elliptical up from my 4 miles all of the other days of the week. yay. now i’m turning down a particularly fun adventure to the maryland souvenir store to pick up things to take to china for sarah and mom (who are leaving on monday morning). 
so what am i going to do for a whole week with the house ALL to myself (until around 6 pm when dad gets home…). that is yet to be determined. however nana has given me some excellent ideas… so stay tuned…

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