day two/day three

July 15, 2009

Whoops okay, so this summer schedule has seriously gotten me out of the habit of blogging. I hope it comes back to me in the fall.

Anyway, yesterday included going to the gym in the morning, coming home and eating lunch and then hanging out with lux and mrs tonya next door for the rest of the day. Ever was off at camp and with everyone gone here it was nice to have people to talk to… and do arts & crafts projects with 😉 Lux and I had a pretend plastic food picnic on the driveway, played some dress up and drew some pictures. Came home and a little while later dad came home and we ate some grilled cheese sandwiches & tons of fruit. Alison came over last night and we played uno and watched gilmore girls. 
Today included buying large 2 foot twizzlers for our roadtrip on Saturday, getting various other food stuffs for when i’m up there (the meal plan is not really going to cover the whole time) and going to the gym. In a little bit we’re taking Ever and Lux to centennial park for the music in the parks and a picnic! 

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