twelve hours

July 24, 2009

last night i enjoyed twelve hours of wonderful sleep. you might be wondering how i can accomplish this task while still waking up at 7 am… well going to bed at 7 pm before the sun even has a chance to set helps this immensely. 

today is day one of college & careers. i finished showering and getting ready and now i’m just eating some crackers and peanut butter before heading over to work. we’ve got a full day ahead of us. if yesterday was any indication there will be lots of running about. i was absolutely exhausted after work yesterday, hence the early bedtime. anyway this morning we’re setting up, i have a meeting at 10, helping with check in, i’m giving a tour, directing people, moving boxes, answering questions, sitting on a student panel, helping with evening activites and moving more boxes. we should be done by 11:30 or so. tomorrow morning is even earlier, we’re meeting at 7 am to get ready for yet more tours, box/people moving, etc. luckily tomorrow night will not be quite as late. 
anyway, off to brush my teeth! i probably won’t post tonight because i’ll be SLEEPING. 

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