things i’ve learned

July 30, 2009

today i’ve learned a few things…

  • applesauce will go bad if it is not in the refrigerator. you know that “please refrigerator after opening”? yeah… stick to that.
  • ice tea when opened will grow little things that resemble mini jelly fish, they are gross and should be prevented in the future by a refrigeration system. 
this morning was fantastically awesome due to my long attention span. inputting is surprisingly mind numbing and focusing is rather difficult but the morning went by really quickly. 
i had yogurt & fruit for lunch– which was the same thing i had for dinner last night except today the mango in it tasted like pumpkin… weird. just put some laundry in. i got broccoli/pineapple/tofu stirfry for dinner along with some grapes. it was excellently tasty. need to get the laundry in the dryer in a bit, maybe finish watching friends, send out some emails, put my sheets back on and then SLEEP! these days are all blurring together, i’ve got quite the routine down. 
today is seeming like a list kind of day, so…
things i love…
  • broccoli, i could eat this everyday of my entire life. 
  • soy milk 
  • clean sheets
one more day in the work week… and then ALISON COMES! yayy

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