meet my pants

July 31, 2009

funny story, at my expense. 
okay, so i was doing laundry right? ya know, clothes in washer, sorting lights and darks and all that good stuff. anyway, i went down 38 minutes later (that’s how long the washer takes) and open up the light one and immediately think “oh crap!!” because i now have one light brown/tan pair of pants, one medium tanish and one white. it must have been a long day because i some how convinced myself that the dark brown pants had discolored everything turning them three different shades. oh wait, that’s how they started. and the dark brown pants were in a completely different load. go figure, now i feel like an idiot because i was standing there trying to figure out what i had possibly done wrong.

i’m at work right now– and no i’m not posting this at work… i actually technically posted this thursday (30th) night but youre not reading it until friday because i’m super sneaky and can pre-date (?) things. i figured i already supplied you all with one post last night and that would tide you over until this morning. 

also, unless i have any funny stories i probably won’t be posting until sunday night once alison leaves. i’ll be busy hanging out and what not. enjoy your weekend =)

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