alison’s RIT adventures

August 2, 2009

Okay, so you put two unruly friends together for a weekend in a dorm room sans parents or any other type of authority and what happens? 

Well here you go… in picture form. We tried to document each and every portion of our adventure to the best of our ability. I apologize for how long it is but we quite literally packed our weekend full and ended up with 180 pictures so here are about 40… it was hard to cut them down! 
Anyway, to start off with. I had work on Friday until 4:30. Alison got to the airport sometime Friday afternoon only to discover that the plane had been delayed two hours. Not to worry, she got here safe and sound close to 8:30 i think. And proceeded to almost break a couch…
We decided to do sushi for dinner. When dad dropped me off two weeks ago we took a trip to Wegmans to get some food and one of the items was microwavable sushi. Sound sketchy? It was.
Alison took the task of cutting the carrots into itty bitty pieces while I microwaved the sticky rice and lined all of the seaweed with it. 
I guess we’re not the best sushi rollers and don’t really plan on starting our own restaurant anytime soon but we both agreed that it was quite tasty. Especially after we found some soy sauce!
We went into mass production mode…
After a few games of uno and an episode of the office we fell asleep. Saturday morning we set the alarm for 7:30 to allow enough time for showers and crackers & peanut butter for breakfast. We caught the bus around 9:15 to go over to the marketplace mall. 

We actually got to the mall before it even opened so we just did a few laps around and eventually found that Dick’s sporting goods was open so we went to go check out some hockey equipment. 
I’m not exactly sure why I was making such a disgusting face.

From there we walked across the street to the wegmans! 
We both picked out some lunch from the prepared food section and sat down to eat. Alison had asian meats and I had a jumble of veggie salad mixings.
Alison was particularly impressed by the 5 cases full of cheese.
After our lunch outing we were ready for a ride back to campus, the only hitch being the bus wouldn’t be there for an hour and a half! We found ourselves a spot on the pavement outside of wegmans and sat down to wait. We must be professional waiters because that was the fastest hour and a half ever. We played 20 questions, which I’m apparently horrible at, as well as a word game. We also witnessed a robbery of some sort in the wegmans parking lot which resulted in a chase scene by about 5 wegmans employees. 
After getting back to campus, we took a walk around because Alison has only been here in the dark before. She even got to stick her head in the tigers mouth!
And sit on the greek rock..
Kodak quad… who said RIT wasn’t pretty… 
And hang out with the computer science majors..

We came back and played some uno until Ozzy asked if we wanted to join some IV people at the Park Ave fest and the beach. 

Oh yeah, at wegmans we bought some dinner which consisted of 2 lbs of blueberries and a loaf of bread. 

We decided to go adventuring downtown with the rest of the group so we soon found ourselves in downtown rochester walking down park ave. It’s an annual festival including lots of food, music and blocks and blocks of vendors. Seriously this thing goes on for so far that we didnt even make it to the end. It was such a nice day out though– actually slightly hot! but nice to walk around.

We had to stop for the obligatory funnel cake. 
From there, we all piled back in the cars and headed to Ontario Beach Park.  Of course, we got slightly lost… maybe a little more than slightly. But we eventually got there after a million games of 20 questions and quite a few stops to look at the map. See?! Old school style.. paper map and everything. 
We set out the stuff and got right down to frisbee-ing and walking to the pier. 

Pretty cool picture if I may say so myself, it was the perfect time of day for the light.

We were pretty exhausted after walking to the pier so we all came back and played some silly group games. 
Finally got back to the dorms around 10, watched an episode of the office and then passed out. It was such a long day!! 
We woke up this morning around 8:30 ate some bread in bed for breakfast and then got ready to go to church. After church we came back, made Alison a blog, played some more uno, took another walk around campus, got some milk for cereal and then watched the office again until it was time for Alison to leave. 
I think i’m going to have to go to bed really early tonight! I’m going to need a weekend to recover from my weekend but it was all worth it =) I had tons of fun and we packed in the maximum amount of adventuring. 

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