tied together with a smile

September 7, 2009

Classes start today. So far I have..

Woken up at 7, decided it was too early.
Woken up at 8 and realized my alarm was going to go off soon.
Cancelled my alarm and enjoyed the warmness of my bed.
Did some sudoku, while still in bed, of course.
Finally got out of bed and did some random cleaning shenanigans.
Made myself the most delicious brunch including oatmeal, cinnamon and homemade applesauce. (pictures later)
Figured out more of my online class discussion board.
Taken a shower & gotten dressed.
AND it’s only 11:45!!!! This is fantastic.
Class doesn’t start until 1 pm and I should be done by about 4:30 or so.
Buying ice skates tonight, going with ashley so she can buy her books and then rush week info sessions (surprised? you should be).
Last night was oodles of fun, 6 of our friends came over for taco night! We figured we needed to celebrate the last night of freedom. Made delicious food, played some uno and other card games, ate frozen yogurt and watched pro wrestling. After they all left Ashley and I went outside to watch the day before class fireworks RIT puts on.

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