it feels like fall

September 25, 2009

today is friday. five days from my last post.

this blogging thing doesn’t seem to be working so well this year. i was so good about it but somehow this year there is always something better to do. i think it might have something to do with the fact that i hardly spend anytime on the computer anymore– shocking, i know. other than working on projects i dont spend too much time on it. yay me. actually i haven’t really spent all that much time in our apartment lately either.
speaking of which, i’m leaving in 5 minutes.
i worked 28 hours last week, on top of classes, club meetings, hanging out and homework. i don’t exactly know how that’s possible but i fit it all in. and i get to bed at a semi reasonable hour.
went to pittsford today with ash. and grocery shopping. all we ever buy is soy milk, vg splash, cheese and apples. i mean food stuff too, but these are the most used. we had to do some pantry re-organization to fit it in.
tomorrow is admissions open house at 7:30 am. study session from 11-1 then a hockey game. club team, not the d1 one. im going to iv tonight 7-9 then a hockey game from 9- who knows when. lots of stuff to do tomorrow on the hw front.
more later. plus pictures.
its 57 degrees today.

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