i love fall.

September 26, 2009

hmm okay, so this morning was open house. actually back up, last night ash and i went to MCC for a hockey game. it was so ridiculously cold. like hockey rinks are cold but this was a whole new level of cold. on the way home we got slightly lost but luckily both of us have a pretty good sense of direction so we made it back sans maps/gps/etc. didn’t get to bed until 1 am but oh my goodness was my bed comfortable last night, i think it was the sharp contrast from cold to that. i did not want to wake up at 6 am but walking the quarter mile that early with freezing air blowing in your face forces you to wake up. open house was more of the same, welcoming people to RIT. i did get to drive a golf cart though! after that i went down to the dorms for a review session with my professor for a test on tuesday which was pretty helpful.

one thing i learned today, never attempt to drink apple cider from a cup while speed walking, bad things happen.

time to go work on some homework before the hockey game at 4:45. next weekend is the start of RIT hockey yayyyyy

this is my favorite song as of right now.

i’m still working on getting the pictures up, i know it takes like 2 seconds but i have other things to do 🙂

i could see my breath last night.. how’s that for september weather?


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