October 8, 2009

looking back, i remembered that my goal for blog pots this year is 175. i’m at 147 now, that seems okay right? i’m not a math major though. i’m going to have to start having some pretty blog worthy days. encounters with the police? trips to foreign countries? maybe i’ll just stick to being really busy. went ice skating today, i got my blades re-sharpened so stopping was a no-go. backwards skating is coming along, dont expect to see me in the olympics anytime soon though.

speaking of time and the year. week 5 is almost over.. what?! 6 weeks from now is thanksgiving break. 4 weeks after that is christmas break. the picture above isnt really serving any purpose other than the fact that its a drawing i did last year and into this year. .. im slow, okay?

i love sagmeister, his lecture was on monday night and it was absolutely fantastic.

you cant really see it from the picture but thats my project on the left. the place was packed.
anyway, i should start paying attention in class again. this is my way of attempting to stay awake. don’t worry, half of the time i wrote this we were on break so its a-okay.

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