everything but….

October 17, 2009


no classes yesterday, no work, no ice skating. and pretty much everyone and their brother went home for the weekend. so what did i do? nothing. just kidding that’s only half true. i got some of my to-do list done. and went to IV. but every once in a while i just really need a day off. i realized that i had a paper due at midnight (realized this around 11:25) good thing i’m ahead of the game and had finished writing it a week ago. good thinking.
woke up at 6:30 this morning and got out of bed after only 15 minutes of snooze buttons. worked from 7:45-12:30 doing various things. made grilled cheese and carrots for lunch. well i didn’t make the carrots but you know what i mean. washed them at least. now i need to take 2 tests for political science and write the paper due tuesday. that one i dont have written already but i finished the outline so yay.
i’ve decided to minor in art history. thoughts? i’m not sure. too indecisive for this declaring business.
hmm, what could i do instead of homework now? the possibilities are endless. i enjoy playing music and singing out loud. this activity is best when no one else around. also, good thinking. got some good stuff on my itunes, its fantastic. there will be no concerts anytime soon.
five weeks until this quarter is over. i’ve been here for eight already. this seems like a long time. what have i done? not sure. i should probably figure that out.
i just realized i’m still wearing my name tag. seeing as there is no one else around i think it’s safe to take it off. i wonder if people even read all of this? maybe. maybe not. hi mom. i figured you’d make it this far 😉
oh yeah, it snowed two days ago. not enough to warrant a blog post but still. winter’s here. it’s like 32 degrees on a regular basis now.

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