Hockey Sticks, Hat Tricks and Good Weekends

November 1, 2009

Copied over from my RIT blog, I figured it was easier to just describe it once.

After a disappointing six game losing streak the hockey team came and won both UConn games this weekend. While the Friday night game was exciting, last night’s win 7-0 was amazing! RIT scored 4 goals within the first period. As if that wasn’t enough, Dan Ringwald scored a natural hat trick (which means he scored three of those four goals in the first period with no one else scoring in between). They continued playing well throughout the entire night; the defenseman ironically scored most of the goals this weekend and the goalies were playing especially well. In fact, the RIT starting goalie had an assist for a goal, which was better stats than the entire UConn team. As much as I wanted RIT to win, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the UConn goalie because he had to put up with a ton of shenanigans from RIT’s corner crew (corner crew: the group of crazy passionate hockey fans that wear bright orange and stand in the northwest corner of the arena next to the pep band). The Saturday game was especially fun because a lot of people were dressed up for Halloween. Some of the pep band members dressed up as pac man and ran around the top tier of the arena. Another particularly amusing costume was a grim reaper who was wearing a cloak, goalie mask and carrying around a hockey stick.

Speaking of which, that reminds me about Friday. Sportszone is a student run organization that covers most of the athletic events on campus. During the hockey season, they will broadcast the game live as well as re-plays on Saturday and Sunday (in case you didn’t get enough hockey the first time around). Friday night before the game Sportzone put on a tailgate party over at Lovin’ Cup at Park Point. Unfortunately for them they didn’t get a large turn out, mostly due to the fact that there were two other competing tailgates. But it worked out rather excellently for us. We got FREE signed hockey sticks from the team! Both my roommate and I got one so now our apartment is officially covered in hockey stuff. I even got to play some hockey, there was a goalie there and they let us play outside on the patio. I think I got 8 goals, probably because the goalie would stand at one side of the net and “forget” to cover the other side J Definitely a fun night.

More on Halloween weekend shenanigans later.

Side note: Time changes and I apparently don’t get along well. Stayed up until 6 am woke up at 8. I’m not exactly sure but I think they recommend getting more sleep than that!


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