week nine of eleven.

November 2, 2009

well technically nine of thirteen, including orientation.
sleep is taking a little bit of a toll, but i just read a cnn article the other day about how too much sleep is bad for you. so i’m taking their advice a little too literally. not to worry it’s quite alright.
woke up early today to head over to the lab and work on some homework and print stuff out. except i’m not getting too much done so i’m not sure what good this was. lots to do today/tonight.
guess i should go to work now. i just found out the caps are playing the penguins the first week of february. i got so excited until i realized that my spring break is not until the first week in march. little weekend get away in february?! sounds good. i think they’re playing the islanders or thrashers in march, that’s not as fun.
working saturday hours this weekend. hockey friday and saturday. other shenanigans. homework. final projects. tests to take. the usual. i feel like i’m leaving something out. guess that’s why i keep about 4 different schedules.
i tried to put the milk in the freezer yesterday.

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