November 16, 2009

Adventure Number 1

Classes were over on Thursday for me. I spent the majority of Friday in the lab working on various projects and what not. Around 3 Ashley asked if I would want to go adventuring. So we quick grabbed a few supplies and headed off.

The only deciding that we do is which way to turn out of RIT. Since most of our adventures so far have taken us North or West we decided to head East.

The thing about adventuring is that it involves no destination and NO maps what so ever. Not even pre trip map looking.

We ended up driving through Pittsford to Victor and almost Canadiagua Lake.

Drove through Honeoye Falls.Oops this next picture is out of order. Its actually right outside of the mall near Pittsford.

After all of our driving we ended up back in a circle in downtown Pittsford. We got out and walked around exploring the main street but didn’t really find dinner. It was funny because we thought we saw a food place so we walked inside.. turns out it was a library 🙂
Got back in the car and drove to downtown Rochester in search of food. Everything was either sketchy or closed so we ended up at the Highland Park Diner. So good!
It was this super cute diner with surprisingly good food <— Mom and Dad next time you come, we're going here… Ash and I played some uno while waiting for our food.

Adventure Number 2

Ashley and I decided a while back that we wanted to go to Erie PA to see RIT play mercyhurst. Turns out we convinced a lot of other people to come with us 🙂
Left around 3 pm on Saturday and made the mandatory stop at Mighty Taco for some food along the way.
There were 5 of us in Ashley’s car and then another car was following us. The backseat was a tad smooshy with three of us but we played with dolls and were quite entertained the entire way. Especially with frequent “hot hot hot” calls and then the guys would quick roll down the windows so we wouldnt over heat. Im not sure why i look so uninterested in this picture. I didn’t know Cory was taking it.

The game was pretty good, there were more RIT fans than mercyhurst fans. They started off playing not so well but came back and won 3 2

The campus was nice but the rink… not so much. we both decided that if we went there we probably would not have been so into hockey.


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